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MT12, Linde, Pallet truck

FAST GOODS TRANSPORT IN CONFINED SPACES. The MT12 pallet truck with ION technology has a particularly compact design and is therefore very easy to handle – even when space is at a premium. This ensures fast handling processes in the retail trade, in narrow aisles or in production areas.
Load capacity , (kg)
Fork length, mm
Battery, (V/Ah)
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About the product

The vehicle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be easily replaced via plug-and-play. Charging takes place via an external charger at any socket. An effective parking brake holds the truck firmly in position when it is, for example, on an inclined truck loading ramp. The MT12 pallet truck has a robust chassis and reinforced forks and can therefore easily transport loads of up to 1,200 kilograms. Forks of different lengths and widths are available for the pallet truck. This allows the vehicle to be configured precisely for the specific handling task.

Technical specifications

MT12, Linde




Efficient parking brake
Long tiller arm
Low chassis
Electromagnetic brake
Emergency belly switch


Ergonomically shaped tiller handle
Dual butterfly control
Lightweight battery
Multi-functional display


Powerful drive motor
Compact design
Lithium-ion battery
Three hours of autonomous work


Long maintenance intervals
CAN bus structure
Battery management system