Handling Equipment

Pallet trucks
Trucks for performing different handling and transport work. 
Tow tractors
Electric tow tractors for towing additional loaded trailers from one area to another.
Pallet stackers
Used for pallet stacking and handling; stacks pallets to a specific height. Suitable for various types of pallets (single, double).
Reach trucks
Reach trucks are used to transport and load/unload pallets to/from racks. Can raise loads higher than pallet stackers (up to 13 000 mm).
Very narrow aisle (VNA)
Very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks are intended for stacking and sorting pellets in narrow aisles. VNA trucks are perfect for working in tight premises and warehouses.
Order pickers
Order pickers are intended for fast picking of small orders. Pickers may also be used for transporting picked pallets. 
Electric counterbalance trucks
Electric counterbalance trucks are used for loading, transporting, and handling pallets. Various models of electric counterbalance trucks will aid in performing handling tasks quickly and easily outdoors and in closed premises.
Diesel/LPG counterbalance trucks
Diesel/LPG powered counterbalance trucks are intended for transporting, loading, and handling of pallets. Trucks have cab protection so that operators could perform their work comfortably outdoors and indoors.