Vacuum sweepers
The equipment is used for sweeping and washing roads, sidewalks, yards, poorly-accessible areas, wide and narrow streets, motorways, and construction sites, as well as cleaning airports and other large areas.
Refuse collection vehicle
Farid machines are suitable for refuse collection of different capacity and are applicable in various environments.
Sewer cleening equipment
For cleaning and washing sewers.
Sewer cleening equipment with water re-circulation
It is a washing/suction/water treatment system. It combines a high-pressure sewer cleaning system and a vacuum waste water suction system. By repeated filtering and usage of washing water, it extends the continuous operation by 50 % and optimises the consistency of the sucked-in mud.
Grass mowers and attachments
Rasco grass mowers and brush cutters are designed to cut grass and weeds when cleaning road borders, mounds, irrigation channels, and overgrown forest paths. 
Salt spreaders
Salt spreaders are used for spreading salt, sand and salt-sand mixture over iced roads, paths, and other surfaces. The spreading process is fully automated due to EPOS control system installed in the spreaders.
Snow ploughs
Steel snow ploughs easily follow the contours of the road surface, safely bypass obstacles, ensure low vibration and noise level when cleaning the snow, and are extremely manoeuvrable.
Salt agent preparation equipment
Mixer for salt mix for preparation of CaCl2 or NaCl solution by watering the salt.
Multipurpose municipal vehicle
Vehicles for different operations: sweeping and washing the streets, collecting leaves and rubbish, ploughing the snow, spreading materials on surfaces, etc. The vehicles are adapted to be operated all year long.
Municipal equipment powered by electric
Ecological solutions for your business - fully electric, compact and quiet machinery and equipment.