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T 20-25 AP-SP, pallet truck

Materials handling operations place innovation is the driving force of progress and the development of the new Linde range of stand-on electric pallet trucks is an outstanding example of this philosophy. Designed for optimum versatility there are two versions.
Load capacity , (kg)
2000 - 2400
Travel speed , (with/without)
Battery, (V/Ah)
24V/190 -625Ah
Forks lifting height, mm
Power steering
Automatic speed reduction when cornering
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About the product

The T20 - T25 AP/SP pallet trucks offer tailored ergonomic working conditions for the driver. Linde's basic concept is flexible. In the AP model, the driver can move the standing platform up, and fold down the steering tiller. The platform truck changes into a full-service pedestrian model as needed. In contrast, the SP mode has a fixed standing platform. 
The truck has an e-driver controller from Linde, with which the operator stands at a right angle to the direction of travel and can see both forward and backward. Many maneuvers are therefore much easier and can be done more quickly. The pallet trucks have a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 or 2400 kg depending on the model. Lithium-ion batteries are also available.


Technical specifications

T 20-24 AP-SP




Solid steel skirt 
Compact steering design 
Three independent braking systems.


Turned standing position at 45 degrees
Deep storage compartments 
Padded backrest 
Cushioned standing platform.


Powerful three-phase motor
Active support wheels
Start assistant for starting up on gradients
E-driver controller.