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L10-12 AS, Linde. Pallet stacker

Linde straddle stackers are highly manoeuvrable, versatile trucks combining the benefits of conventional pallet stackers with the ability to handle both open and closed base pallets as well as stillages. They offer the versatile solution in medium lift narrow aisle and block stacking applications where the pallets have a closed base or there is a mix of open and closed based pallets. 
Load capacity , (kg)
1000 - 1200
Lifting height, (mm)
Travel speed , (with/without)
Battery, (V/Ah)

About the product

The electro straddle stackers L10 - L12 AS quickly and flexibly lift pallets with closed bases and various type of small containers, even if used in narrow aisles. For this purpose, the trucks have a small turning radius. The spacing of their straddle legs can be flexibly adjusted. L10 AS and L12 AS accelerate freely with a three-phase motor. A SafetySpeed function automatically adjusts the speed to the tilting angle of the tiller.




The end-of-stroke resistance of the tiller prevents unintended, abrupt braking 
Long tiller mounted at a low point for a large safety distance 
All around tiller protection for the hands
Deep-drawn lower chassis skirt protects the fee


Ergonomically shaped tiller head increases operating comfort 
Creep speed button for maneuvering in constricted spaces 
Proportional speed adjustment depending on tiller position 
OptiLift function for sensitive lifting and lowering 
Gentle and secure lowering of loads


Adjustable straddle arms from 900, 1200 and 1350 mm 
Linde Creep Speed Button 
Safe load handling with Linde OptiLift 
Booster Effect for additional output 
Quiet 1.2 kW three-phase motor 
Digital controls make maneuvering easy