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L 06-16 AC, Linde, Pallet stacker

Pedestrian pallet stackers perform an essential role in providing exceptionally cost-effective handling solutions for a huge variety of businesses around the globe where space is at a premium and versatility and adaptability is required.
Load capacity , (kg)
600 - 1600
Lifting height, (mm)
Travel speed , (with/without)
Battery, (V/Ah)

About the product

The counterbalanced pallet stackers of the L06 - L16 AC are an effective handling solution if there is too little space available to use a truck or if the transport distance is too short for the electric forklift truck. The operator profits from easy steering and a small turning radius. Automatic speed reduction when cornering and a good view of the load through the mast are additional safety features. The slim chassis is strong and torsion-resistant.

Technical specifications

L 06-16 AC, Linde.




Ergonomic tiller handles with hand protection 
Automatic speed reduction when cornering 
Electro-hydraulic, load-proportional emergency brake 
Rounded shape without sharp edges 
Deep-drawn chassis edge


Control elements are arranged to be intuitive and user-friendly 
Handles of skin-friendly material 
Clear view mast 
Rounded chassis shape without sharp edges


Powerful 3 kW three-phase motor 
Electrical, smooth steering 
Sensitive, precise and safe load handling 
Intuitive operation of the tiller and all lifting functions