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Hitachi MINI excavators
From one to six tonnes – our mini excavators are made at our state-of-the-art factories in Japan and The Netherlands. Small on the outside, but big on the inside, they have a comfortable cab and are easy to operate. User-friendliness is at the heart of every Zaxis mini excavator. The smaller models are easy to transport by trailer and a suitable towing vehicle. Short-tail swing versions make light work of difficult jobs in confined spaces, and convenient maintenance features make them quick to clean and inspect. With fast cycle times and efficient hydraulics, mini excavators make a big impression on the job site. The five to six-tonne models can be used on more demanding sites, when space is limited.
Hitachi medium excavators
You can find our seven to 50-tonne medium excavators working on all kinds of job sites. The standard models are commonly used on earthmoving and general construction projects, while larger machines can be used for quarrying. You may also have passed ultra-short tail swing excavators on busy road construction sites. Or stood well back from a factory-modified special application model carrying out demolition work. Or witnessed first hybrid model, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by 30%. The fact they’re so versatile is why they’re the most popular machines in the range. 
Hitachi large excavators
Zaxis 50 to 87-tonne machines can operate for 24 hours a day in the most challenging environments, for earthmoving, construction, mining and quarrying operations. The range of R machines specifically for quarrying, reinforced with additional features for tough conditions. The 120 to 800-tonne EX mining models (backhoe or front shovel)  have an exceptional loading and excavating capacity. With powerful yet economical engines, on-board satellite communication systems and easily accessible inspection points, you can rely on Hitachi large excavators to work reliably, with low running costs.
Hitachi wheeled excavators
If you have a fleet of construction equipment, a Hitachi wheeled excavator will be a valuable addition. If you’re self-employed or run an SME, then a Hitachi wheeled excavator might be the only machine you need. Suitable for earthmoving, transporting materials, groundworks and road construction work, our 14- to 20-tonne models can be used with a wide range of grapples, hooks, hammers and buckets. They travel around job sites or between locations efficiently and safely, thanks to low-emission engines and excellent all-round visibility. They can also help to reduce your running costs, due to an advanced hydraulic system that contributes to greater power and speed, and low fuel consumption.
Special applications
Our extensive range of construction machinery includes factory-modified excavators that meet the demands of several specific industry applications. These include demolition, material handling, forestry, underground excavation and slope finishing.
Hitachi wheel loaders
When you sit inside the cab of a ZW wheel loader, you’ll see that it offers exceptional all-round visibility. Switch on the engine and you’ll hear that it’s the quietest machine on the market. When you start work, you’ll feel the benefit of the comfortable seat, easy-to-use controls and smooth operation. We know our compact, medium and large wheel loaders not only appeal to your senses, but also make sense for your business. With substantial loading capacity, powerful digging force and impressive travel speeds, they’re extremely productive. Fuel-efficient and easy to maintain, they offer reduced running costs. Used with a variety of attachments, they are easily adaptable for different tasks.
Hitachi rigid dump trucks
Our dump trucks incorporate proven Hitachi technology, including an advanced AC drive system developed for Japan’s high-speed bullet trains, and technology from our mining excavators. The result is the Hitachi drive control system, which ensures more stable haul-cycle times, giving you higher levels of productivity, safety and efficiency. As well as technologically advanced, our dump trucks are also easy to manoeuvre, with user-friendly controls and smooth handling.